Thank you for your interest in Net Q, part of the ADR Webservices family of companies. We are a family owned company that has provided quality online marketing and web developement services to small to medium size businesses and corporations since 2007. Our company grew from a meeting in 2006 in which a close friend (Dr. James Martin) questioned the use of my education and skills as programmer. After I had showed him a website that I had just built for a mutual friend, James quipped "Yea, I've seen your work and its good. I just dont know why you arent doing anything to make something of it?" James' observation was not without merrrit as I had been a programming enthusiast for many years, building games, websites, and robotics for personal entertainment and occasionaly for friends. Up to that point in time I had enjoyed these things only as a hobbie, due to the fact that I had a very high paying corporate job and enjoyed a stable future with it. Still, James' challenge made me wonder, perhaps there was more that I could be doing with those skills? So asked, "what do you suggest?" James went on to tell me about his own project which was just under way, developing a new website for his practice. He asked if I would like to help. It would become the first programming job I had done for pay. 

During the project we learned a tremendous amount of valuable information about web design, conversions, and of course SEO (search engine optimization). In fact, it was search engine optimization and its applications that piqued my interest. While I had not previously considered the business applications that we could persue though programming and web design, it became clear to me that ranking any business at the top of the SERP's (search enging results pages) in the burgeoning Google media powerhouse was a clear recipe for success. Hence, our company was born, providing top ranked SEO services through SEO-Innovations and web design and web marketing services through ADR Webservices. 

We have continued to learn and grow over the years but still take great pride in providing very personalized sevice that will make you feel like you and your company are always our top priorty. Many companies make this claim but we offer proof. We still represent the very first company who signed up for our service back in 2007 today. Not too many companies can make that kind of statement. In fact, the majority of our current clients have been with our firm long term (three or more years). 

We can offer your company the same effective, personalized, quality service. We look forward to meeting with you, reviewing your project, and helping you and your company bring that vision to life. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or ideas at (530)632-1523.


Alan Rogers

Founder & CEO

ADR Webservices / Net Q llc